IEEE Drones for Infrastructure - A Technical Workshop (NJIT, Newark, NJ 07102 - March 19-22, 2019)


Thank you for your interest in this workshop. The Organizing Committee has decided to postpone the workshop due to unexpected logistical contingencies. Please sign up on our mailing list on the Contact Us tab and we will contact you once a new date and location are proposed.






The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) – in collaboration with IEEE North Jersey Section – announces IEEE Drones for Infrastructure 2019, a technical workshop on the design, implementation, applications and societal implications of using drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The workshop is intended for individuals with scientific, technical, policy, and implementation interests in drones and UAVs. Sessions will be available on a wide range of issues from navigation algorithms for cohorts of coordinated drones to the laws ethics of drone-use in inspection in the public arena. Researchers and administrators in these areas are encouraged to submit proposals for special sessions, nominations of keynote speakers, proposals for live demonstrations, and papers for oral and poster presentations.

Workshop Dates:  March 19-22, 2019

The workshop will take place on the  NJIT Campus, (University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102)

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Session Topics:


Focus Areas and Topics

Focus Area


Design and Implementation

 Flight control, navigation, telematics, and collision avoidance

 Autonomous drones

 Machine learning and artificial intelligence in drone operation

 Drone formation flying and swarming

 Underwater drone technology

 Progress in design, manufacturing, commercialization and marketing of drones

 Computing aspects of drones

 Drone communication and communication security

 Ethics of drone manufacturing, design and use

Applications of Drones

 Infrastructure inspection (e.g., bridges, tunnels, dams, pipelines, structures, industrial plants)

 Surveying (pre-construction and during construction)

 Traffic surveillance (data collection) and traffic incident management

 Utilities management

 Oil and gas industry

 Maritime applications, including underwater

 Mail and parcel delivery

 Homeland security, law enforcement

 5G Communication

 Real estate, insurance, tourism, and entertainment

 Remote sensing, mapping, surveying, SLAM, and aerial data collection

 Meteorology, climate and weather prediction and analysis

 Disaster response and post-disaster response

 Agricultural and farming

Regulation, Education and Training, Usage in Popular Culture

 Use of drones in education

 Training for drone operators

 Regulation and legal framework for registration, licensing and operation of drones

 Public safety and security aspects of drone operation

 Drones in the popular press, movies, internet and other public media